V5 Notes



Release Date: 23-Feb-12

Online Documentation
Wkst Browsers Supported:
- IE8 or greater
- Firefox 3.6.17 or greater
- Chrome 9 or greater

New Features

  • Data Management
    • Data Schemas - Collections of Tables and Lookups
    • Data Tables - A data definition that can be bound to a Data Site
    • Lookups - A special Classification for use with Data Tables
    • Data Controls - A collection of controls used to build an editor for a Data Site
    • Upload Data - A upload utility for creating/updating Data Site content from .CSV, .TXT, .XML (Requires Silverlight 5)
  • Mobile Device Redirection Support

API Enhancements

  • New/Enhanced CmsForm Controls
    • CmsFormDateTime (new) - Calendar control that also allows a time selection
    • CmsFormFreeform (enhanced) - Supports Popup mode (like in Form Editor Block) in addition to standard Embedded mode
    • CmsFormLinkBuilder (new) - A list control for selecting more than one link
    • CmsFormMultiFilePicker (new) - A list control for selecting more than one file
    • CmsFormOptionList (new) - A new base class to support controls that need to build a list of options that are stored as XML (used by LinkBuilder and MultiFilePicker)
    • CmsFormRadioButtonSet (enhanced) - Supports passing a XML string (CmsFormItems) to define the radio options.
    • CmsFormSimpleCheckbox (new) - A single control that implementes a single checkbox
    • CmsFormTagsPicker (new) - Tag picker control that supports a single Classification
  • "Data Item" Link Type supports linking to Data Items through the Link Builder
  • Restored "Save from Source Mode" capability that was lost during migration to CK at v5.5.
  • Support for retrieving Classifications by ClassificationType (Security, Public, etc.)
    • Classifications component has new overloaded method
      ReadAllClassifications(string adminCN, string password, string typeFilter)
    • WsktSecurityService has new method
      ReadAllClassificationsForType(short appID, string adminCN, string password, string typeFilter).
    • usp_GetAdminClassificationInfo stored procedure accepts optional parameter
      @typeFilter NVARCHAR(15)
  • XslBlockSupport.HandleInjectionParams supports component-based params that return XDocument objects
  • New Extension Methods in LinqXmlSupport
    • IsNullOrEmpty - An XElement extension to determine if an Element is null or its Value is an empty string
    • ExistsButEmpty - An XElement extension to determine if an Element is not null and its Value is an empty string
  • Database Performance tuning using SQL XML Schema Collection for standard "Docs Xml". When writing stored procedures or functions that use the standard docs xml, simply add the new type to the parameter/variable declaration. Examples:
    Stored Procedure/Function Parameters
    CREATE PROCEDURE usp_DeleteMyDocs @docsXml XML (TitanDocsXml) ...
    CREATE FUNCTION udf_ProcessTheseDocs (@docsXml XML (TitanDocsXml) ...)
    SQL Variables
    DECLARE @docsToExpand XML (TitanDocsXml);
    The XML Schema Collection accounts for the most common patterns for the DocsXml used in Titan. If you have custom attributes on the DocID elements, they will not be supported in the base Schema, and altering the schema requires the use of the RefreshDB.bat script that rebuilds the system's stored procedures and functions.
  • Database Performance tuning was implemented on the two commonly used Wkst Nav Tree stored procedures. The procedures were changed to trim out nodes that do not go into the Navigation Tree.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Block Results doesn't pre-fill dates when containing page is hidden.
  • Site/Subtree Import doesn't recognize packages from previous versions of Titan.
  • Change Detector for Internal Linked Pages indicates selection changed when it did not.
  • User preference selections incorrectly deleted when changing Classification assignments for a site. (hotfix available - sql)
  • Download to Excel function generates format warning within Excel
  • File Type column in Browse Views for Files contains typographical error
  • Page Share doesn't load when used as a Page Part
  • Page URL truncated on create when Name is longer than 30 characters. (Affects Page Copy function, File Import Task; Can causing duplicate URL errors on very deep tree copies).
  • Form Block "raspberry" error when multiple forms submitting on a single page.
  • Titan Admin fields don't receive focus when using IE. (hotfixable... see Jon K for js change)
  • File Types selections save incorrectly (hotfixable... see JonK for js change)
  • Browse View sort asc/desc icons inverted.
  • Site root nodes allowed Copy To operation when selected in the tree
  • Reduced User setting not applied when using "short" user profile (hotfixable... see JonK for sql change)
  • Cosmetic issues on Workflow screen related to Email address being rendered in the list of Users and Groups.
  • Copy To function changes Page URL on Linked Page types causing the copied link to be broken. (hotfixable... see JonK for sql change)

After Market Component Updates

  • ...

Known Issues

  • [Chrome] The Cut tool in CKEditor doesn't activate when text is highlighted.
  • [FF(3+)] Pasted links in CKEditor don't keep the "linktype" attribute from the orignial. Causes Link Builder to initialize incorrectly.
  • [FF(4+)] When Add Blocks menu is shown, it appears at the previous scroll position, rather than at the top.


Release Date: 26-Aug-11

Online Documentation
Wkst Browsers Supported:
- IE8 (8.0.7600.16385)
- IE9 (9.0.8112.16421)
- Firefox 3.6.17
- Firefox 4.0.1
- Firefox 5.0
- Firefox 6.0
- Chrome (13.0.782.112)

New Features
  • Import/Export for Sites, Tree branches and Individual Nodes
  • Block Library (Copy Block)
    • Global and Personal block copies
    • Online Block Templates
  • CK Editor upgrade (v3.6.1)
    • Supports IE9 and Firefox 4/5/6
    • An unbelievable list of bug fixes.
    • Adds new Table Cell resize handles
  • New Document Activation Rules
    • Active version will always be the greatest version that has completed workflow and start date <= today <= end date
    • When the active version reaches expiration, only versions with higher version number can become active
    • Prior versions with a later end date can never become active.
  • Page Share Block Enhancements
    • Jump to Source
    • Infinite Page Share Loop Detection
  • Form Block Enhancements
    • Spam Prevention (The De-spaminator)
    • Scroll to Error Messages during validation
  • Multifile Upload Enhancement: Supports multiple attempts to upload a file if previous attempts failed or were cancelled.
  • Workstation Preview Resize options (IE and FF only)
  • New Tree and Browse View icons for Linked Pages (Internal, External, File and MailTo)
API Enhancements
  • Nav Refresh button configurable from ScreenConfigData.xml and AuthorConfigData.xml
  • Page Share block updated for full compatability as a PagePart.
  • PageLanguage stored in Session and accessible via StateData.HtmlTagLanguage.
  • Form Block validation of groups of checkboxes accomplished using rel attribute
  • CSS files for Display should leverage blocks.css as the base common location for all block styles
  • SupportsPagination configurable for block XSLs
  • Added StateData.IsLocalUrl(string url) for validating returnUrl during Display login
  • Improved FilePicker LastFolderID/default selection
  • Site Map block defaults to NavigationRoot for the site the current page is in
  • Added LinqXmlSupport class to provide Linq-to-Xml and IEnumerable support.
Bug Fixes
  • Filter Block - Sort by Rating needs a tie-breaker (fixed to use Total Ratings as secondary sort; hotfix available - sql)
  • Email Page Tool opens new window in Firefox and Chrome (hotfix available for all versions - javascript)
  • Calendar Block not sorting items per configuration when calendar control disabled (hotfix available - sql)
  • Calendar Block does not correctly show Event End Date per block Configuration (hotfix available - xsl)
  • Calendar Block ajax results created nested content div (hotfix available - javascript)
  • Online Documentation links broken
  • Filter Block with File items renders File Type filters from Segmented Search (hotfix available - sql)
  • Link Builder unable to show list of anchors in the current Freeform block
  • Can't "Remember Me" for the same user account on different sites managed in the same instance (hotfix available - sql)
  • Form Block submissions not logging actual BlockID with results. Causes Results Viewer to incorrectly return no data
  • Form Block submissions not logging Source document information
  • Can't access Form Block results submitted through page share
  • Form Block 'Thank You' message not rendered on Page Share forms when in AJAX submit mode
  • File Pile requests fail for first version when using 0-Step Workflow
  • Navigation Tree in block/content editors doesn't obey TreeLimit global parameter
  • Tag Groupings (automatically calculated ranges) in the Wkst tree (User Management) list attributes unsorted (hotfix available - sql)
  • Password reset using old password rather than autogenerated password when browser configured to store/auto-fill passwords.
  • Scheduled Tasks don't always run on schedule and next runtime incorrectly calculated
  • Form Block doesn't initialize correct Style selection when opening block editor
  • Find feature of Navigation Tree in block/content editors doesn't search beyond tree limit
  • Forgot My Password / User Password Reset Email message contains '%%USERREQUESTED%%'.
  • Linked Copy creates only one PageShare to link the Center Zone blocks from the Source document (hotfix available - sql).
  • Login Block incorrectly handles expired password form state when used as a PagePart
  • Login Block doesn't validate returnUrl as a local Url
  • Importer doesn't correctly set Multi Select on Tags that are imported (hotfix available - sql)
  • File Import task HideMissingFiles setting causes folders to always be hidden when File Pile has Photo Block support enabled.
  • Large Display Order values cause INT2 overflow error.
  • WYSIWYG Editor can't reinitialize config for Form fields, Links, and other dialogs (hotfix available - js)
After Market Component Updates
  • Feed Reader Block
    • Bug Fix: Editor not initializing with correct values when editing block
  • Filter Block Video Player (a.k.a. Flowplayer Filter block)
    • Bug Fix: Mixed-case file extensions cause 'Unrecognized File Format' error
  • Social Media Bookmarks Enhancements
    • Support for Google Analytics Campaign Tracking
    • Share Menu capability (ala AddThis, ShareThis, etc.)
Known Issues
  • [FF(3,4,5,6)] Pasted links in CKEditor don't keep the "linktype" attribute from the orignial. Causes Link Builder to initialize incorrectly.
  • [FF(4,5,6)] When Add Blocks menu is shown, it appears at the previous scroll position, rather than at the top.


Release Date: 24-Feb-11

Online Documentation
Wkst Browsers Supported:
- IE8 (8.0.7600.16385)
- Firefox 3.6.13

  • Segmented Search
Bug Fixes
  • Multi-file upload fails for some file pile directories
  • Non-uber user view of read-only links not always correct and does not support bypass traverse checking
  • Custom Browse Views for Files using both File Type Name and File Category fail (hot fix available)
  • Standard search results listings not rendering description (hot fix available for v5.4 - v5.6)
  • Page URL validation not catching leading/trailing spaces (hot fix available for v4.x - v5.6)
  • User Registration and File/Event Upload blocks using dropdown tag selections didn't initialize dropdown correctly
  • User Registration password hint language grammatically inconsistent with account configuration
  • Database cleanup task doesn't always keep the correct number of versions (hot fix available)
  • Filter block rendering in workstation incorrectly shows the Submit button
  • Calendar control doesn't correctly show dates with events (hot fix available for 5.6)
  • Product block Filter Area title still shows when filtering is disabled.
  • List blocks generating empty heading and paragraph tags.
  • StaticContent control doesn't correctly handle exceptions while loading source content.


Release Date: 15-Nov-10

Online Documentation

  • Minor calendar changes
  • Increase file throughput by supporting HTTP cache and range headers
  • .Net 4.0 support; dtSearch 7.65; SQL Server 2008R2

Bug Fixes

  • Admin screen failure to upload to the display bin directory (5.1 bug)


Release Date: 22-Sep-10

Online Documentation

  • CK editor upgrade (v3.3.2.5805 - smaller and faster)
  • Admin workstation editing of CK editor templates
  • Forms Editor v2:
    • Additional controls: file upload, email, submit button
    • Option to send fixed email to form submitters
    • Option to send form data to URL outside of Titan
    • Option for follow-up text to be Titan page or fixed text
    • Option to inject client-specific javascript on form load
    • Ability to choose fields for report and for author email
    • Prepopulate controls by values passed on query string
    • Dashboard widget for results
  • Enhanced video support within freeform editors via flowplayer
  • Dev ability to load webservices for tab enhancements

5.4 Bug Fixes

  • Linked pages cannot appear in filter block listings (hot fix available)
  • Freeform descriptions not rendering (hot fix available)


Release Date: 31-Jul-10

Online Documentation

  • Extensible TOC-ish block node structure
  • Developer-defined XSL Params for TOC-ish blocks and Navs
  • Simple Product Support
  • Enhanced filtering:
    • Filtering blocks add to the current static checkboxes, dynamic checkboxes with document counts, links and dropdowns are supported.
    • Upload blocks and registration to the current checkboxes and radios, dropdowns for single select.
    • Options to limit the number of attributes displayed and to work "just like eBay"
  • Calendar Block modified to support selecting fields for event listing and single event detail separately
  • Photo Block does not need to have a pop-up image
  • PageToolsWithEdit.xsl adds an edit link that opens workstation to blocks tab for current page

5.3 Bug Fixes

  • IE8 Security Fix causes File Upload to fail under some security configurations.
  • Custom Browse Views using complex columns (e.g., tags, keywords, etc) can fail to load if the field data is more than 200 characters
  • Some upgraded sites generate errors building file piles (Workaround: clone an existing site)
  • Filtering on calendar blocks configured without the calendar control fail to filter
  • AuditFlag was not applying on File Piles (4.0 bug) Hot fix available.


Release Date: 31-Mar-10

New Features

  • Paging of Workstation Items
  • Sticky Tabs
  • Rename tags and attributes
  • Frequently Used Links
  • Filter Block Exclude List
  • Fav Icon configurable per page
  • Wkst Multifile Upload via Silverlight
  • Bulk Emailer via User Mgmt lists
  • Additional active workflow columns to custom browse views
  • Background service option to send User Admins notification on accounts needing approval
  • Calendar blocks generate styles showing which dates have events (requires CSS changes to view)
  • Simple banner XSLs for filter block (require CSS modifications)

v5.2 Bug Fixes

  • Working with large user and/or document sets fails with SQL timeout error requiring a browser refresh
  • Usage counts reporting during block, page layout and commenting template deletes include recycle bin
  • Tag with no attributes can cause blocks that work with tags to not load.
  • Password with angle brackets (<, >) can be trapped by .Net and fail to validate.
  • In admin workstation, PreMetatags populate into the PostMetatag edit control
  • Presetting tags in filter blocks fails.
  • Browse filtering fails in recycle bin; deletes can generate error on reload
  • Refresh* using max SSL state not SSS state for current site
  • Application Block not working for all cases of .Net control
  • Linked Page cannot select file item (PrimarySite.Master missing link to FilePicker2.js)


Release Date: 15-Jan-10

New Feature

  • Theme support

v5.1 Bug Fixes

  • Files and images with dashes in their name are not automatically selected when file picker reopens.
  • Groups can be created with the same name as an existing user
  • User date columns sorting as strings not as dates (hot fix available)
  • Typing invalid DOS file characters into file system dialogs causes 500 error.
  • First time display-side requests of non-cached data items with direct URL fails to retrieve data document (hot fix available)
  • Work with All items not functioning correctly in ContentMgmt (hot fix available)
  • Heavy concurrent wkst usage could report primary key creation error on PK_GBE (hot fix available)


Release Date: 15-Jan-10

New Features

  • User-Created Wkst Browse Views
  • File and Event upload blocks support Tags
  • Block editor as a pop-up dialog; zone information displayed on block stack
  • User-customized wkst dashboards

v5.0 Bug Fixes

  • Secured file pile files do not cause a redirect to login if current user is public
  • Thumbnail size not created if exactly same size as original
  • High ASCII values used in page name that pass through to the URL fail properties test in workstation
  • dtSearch fails to index pages if URL doesn't match site's primary DNS
  • Files/Events excluded from filter block if one subfolder is excluded from set


Release Date: 18-Sep-09 Install

New Features

  • Windows 2008 Server Only
  • Remove AD/AM
  • Upgrade to SQL 2008
  • User Registration with acct approval
  • Filter Block mods to filter by User Preferences
  • One DNS name/Site

v4.9 Bug Fixes

  • What's New RSS feed cannot process external links that sneak into the data
  • Empty commenting page part now sends well formed HTML
  • Site Map can render with empty <ul /> tags when the Index Page flag is turned off
  • Non-admin users cannot browse to select new CSS files on Properties tab
  • CSS files on Page Layouts are linked across sites
  • Single quotes in metatags and/or page title cause invalid HTML
  • mailto: link not properly encoding all arguments
  • Photo Block doesn't save image sizes if file pile changed to different image size set
  • Creation of a file pile not based on existing file pile generates bad server information
  • Cloned user not picking up default workstation config information
  • Bad workstation behavior if changes present and user selects "ALL" in browse or dashboard and doesn't choose cancel
  • Replace fails to find strings with embedded single or double quotes
  • Browse view aggregations are incorrect-- they are cummulative over all versions. Hot fix available
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