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Keyboard Accessible Social Sharing

Keyboard accessible Social Sharing for a pre-Reflex theme site. Requires custom xsl.

Keyboard Accessible Tabbed FAQ

This module uses the left and right arrow keys to move between tabs in the faq block. See it in action here:

Keyboard Accessible Top Nav

Keyboard accessible top nav menu drop downs for a pre-Reflex site. Require custom nav xsl.

Register Modules

This component can be used on v6.9 sites to add the JS module registration framework to a site.

Reflex Base Snippets

Use these snippets for a base Reflex theme that does not have additional jQuery functions. Includes custom font and ability to initiate Scroll to Top Button and Sticky Animated Header functions.

Reflex jQuery/Javscript Snippets

Use these snippets to add jQuery functions to a Reflex site, including any of the other commonly used modules shared in this repository.

Animation System

Initiate animation on scroll with full list of animations from slide, fade, zoom, etc. A simple example is on A more complex example is here:


Panel slides in from right with trigger that sits on the right edge of screen. Can be triggered otherwise. Useful for mini-cart, feedback panel, etc. ADd to cart: Request form:

Locations Data Site with Google Map

Using latitude/longitude values, all items display on Google Map and are filterable through base filtering including proximity search.

Freeform Click for Details

Click one element in a list and show its corresponding detail info. Used with a series of Freeform blocks on the NWS 20th anniversary site for Employee Spotlights.

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