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Do we know exactly what will be in each version? No, not really. But we try.

This roadmap is a high-level vision of the future of Titan CMS. As technology changes and new challenges emerge, we'll always adapt to solve the problems facing our clients. But in the meantime, we will start charting a path that will continue to advance Titan CMS as the best enterprise-grade content management system.

Current Released Version: v6.9

Release Date: June 28, 2017

Primary Features: Responsive Template, CSS Minification and Preprocessing, Drag and Drop Images and Files, User Preferences, Sandbox Development

Past Version Summaries

Version Roadmap

Version 7.0

We are remaking the workstation. We want all the power in a simpler, more modern interface. Our concept for the new Workstation includes the following:

  • Enhanced Tree
    • Resizable Tree area
    • Drag-enabled tree items
  • Enhanced Dashboard
    • Always Draggable,  Addable, Removable Widgets
    • Site-specific, Date-oreiented Stats Widgets
  • Enhanced Browse Views
    • Resizable Columns
    • Horizontally scrolling for wide tables
    • Infinite Vertical Scrolling for pagination
  • Enhanced Search bar with Interactive Breadcrumb
  • Full-Canvas, Non-obfuscating Block Editors
  • Easy Access to Personal Account Settings

We also intend to resolve as many user and developer requests as possible while strengthening the API for flexibility on fuiture developement work. 

  • Completely Overhauled JavaScript framework
  • Removal of Antiquated Workflow Rule Roles 
  • Application Block Configuration
  • Display-side JavaScript Module API


Version 7.1

Improvements for productivity, search logging, and security. 

  • Domain Defaults Manager
  • Filtering on browse views by tags
  • Recently touched pages in search suggest list
  • upload new pages via spreadsheet (site map skeleton)
  • Blocks in stack are draggable to re-order
  • Collapse all blocks
  • History tab to list what changed on each version
  • Filtered List keyword logging to SmartSearch
  • Filtered List Pagination Options
  • Filtered List View Style Options
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Registration Block Security Config
  • SVG Library
Version 7.2


  • Display-mode for Content Tab
  • Auto Save session edit history to database
  • Block copy and paste (ctrl+C, ctrl+V)
  • Multi-block Copies
  • Show an icon if an item in the browse view has Notes.
  • Form enhancements (US States dropdown, Nonce for anti-spam, improved layout control, better labelling, accessibility, form fields notification on Remote POST)
  • Persona-driven Content (Personalization)
Version 7.3

More collaborative, interactive workstation.

  • Bi-directional notification engine - background job messages, marketing notices, approvals required
  • User generated messages
  • Commenting up/down voting
  • Commenting immediate stream/live feed of comments
  • Live Workstation User and Edit Statuses
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