V4 Notes

New Features
  • One-click block/site/skin install with download from Titan website
  • Block enhancements (TBD)
    • FAQ Block's question is not WYSIWYG; Optional Question TOC and Return to Top links
    • File Upload (DisplaySideUpload) now uses an xsl as its renderer, not an ascx
    • Calendar and Filter blocks can now disable subtree selection
    • Filter block supports sort by Display Order (Priority) Property
    • Filter block allows first freeform block for description (useful for active blog entry page)
  • Download as Excel for content workstation lists (PQL, Browse, Quick Search and Advanced Search)
  • Installation Information node in Admin Workstation
  • Open Comments added to Status Emailer and SysTray application
  • SiteAuditLog option for minimal information only. Can reduce the SiteAuditLog size by 80-90%
  • Ability to clear Site Audit Log entries from the Properties tab
  • Specification of Page Title prefix by site (SEO request)
  • Additional Browse views for Load Time and Quick Stats
Minor Enhancments/v4.8 Bug Fixes
  • File links specified with Attachment=yes will download as attachments
  • ScreenConfigData supports hiding the tree at workstation initialization
  • Bug: Files with hyphens not recognized as repeats in Import Files background task
  • Bug: Photo Block fails if used on file directory that was the result of a global copy operation
  • Bug: Smart search will not load if non-admin user and indexes overlap root DocIDs
  • Bug: Very, very narrow images cannot be uploaded into a file pile (e.g., 2px x 520 px)

New Features

  • Image Management (Resize, Rotate, Crop, Thumbnails)
  • Improved Wkst dialog behavior

v4.7 Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancments

  • Deleting recycle bin item from tree throws 500 error
  • PQL errors out with duplicate DocIDs if expiring documents have prior versions
  • Date columns in browse screens sort properly. Workaround: change data format to YYYY-MM-DD
  • Special characters not allowed in File Upload Block's submit button
  • Form validation doesn't trap missing captcha information
  • Uninstalling dtSearch will generate an error for any index that still thinks it is dtSearch
  • Query string args in LinkParameter confuse dtSearch indexing
  • Removed support in the workstation for Firefox 2.0
  • Calendar paging label was not displaying if calendar in separate zone
  • Calendar Print Page failed when keywords not present
  • Advanced Search now defaults the source selection to none
  • Second XSL for Event block could not be selected

New Features:

  • Global Search and Replace -
    Comps: Search - Results
  • Event upload block

v4.6 Bug Fixes/4.7 Minor Enhancments

  • Captcha Support in Form Block
  • TOC-ish blocks optionallly display average rating and links to comments and comment forms
  • Filter block can sort by rating
  • Dashboard widgets in zoom mode support sorting and filtering
  • Browse view for commenting and rating statistics
  • On uploading a new file version, UploadDate does not change if file name remains the same
  • View count totals are missing from Search result blocks
  • Calendar block supports Year as optional filter criteria on calendar
  • Page Share block supports specification of which zone to share
  • Background email fails if more than one version exists after the active, expiring document
  • SiteAuditLog now stores a modified TTL
  • Comment & Rating page part has option to always show summary even if there are no comments
  • Print Page and Email this Page now follow the content in the main window
  • Search engine site map excludes external links; internal site map uses Index Page flag

New Features:

  • Page comments and ratings
  • Start Button PQL will become a dashboard
  • Support for Fav Icons in Site Configuration
  • Raise Error in display security tab if no selections are made
  • The Telerik freeform editor is no longer available in Titan (Replaced with FCK editor)

v4.5 Bug Fixes/4.6 Minor Enhancements

  • User blocks and/or applications that use postback won't recieve message (Hotfix available)
  • Thumbnail operation from PhotoBlock stops at BrowseLimit (default is 50) items
  • Cosmetic cleanup to Base Calendar XSLs; cleaned up enable/disable logic on calendar control (existing workarounds)
  • Classification attributes truncate if they contain & or <
  • FCK's Flash dialog throws HTML error (Hotfix available)
  • UserAdmins could not enter User Admin workstation due to classificaitons lock-down
  • ContactUs block (legacy block--should be considered obsolete) failed to load correctly
  • Changes to page layout independent of css do not preview correctly if css is set to Default
  • Refresh Nav/Site can fail if DNS names are "similar"
  • Some CSS files fail to load correctly with Admin workstation CSS class picker
  • Disable Page Audit flag if auditing is not enabled for the site
  • Form Editor using FCK fails to load in Test Harness
  • File Picker is incorrectly limited to BrowseLimit items
  • Metatag Keyword updates: Updated label to instruct to seaparate with commas, translate carriage returns to commas for users who enter with carriage returns, remove duplicate keywords if entered
  • Copying a block across sites can cause the block to lose track of its configured XSL
  • File info missing from template site causing files and file folders to not appear in the Recycle Bin

New Features:

  • Enhanced results grid and edit flow
  • Site-level control of display nav caching
  • FCK Upgrades
  • Photo Block
  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft ATLAS support in Application Blocks
  • TitanLite workstation interface
  • Mobile.aspx
  • System tray icon notification for editors
  • Sort by HitCount option for Filter Blocks
  • Filter block option to use Search request for keywords (useful for targeted search)

v4.4 Bug Fixes

  • Sites with multiple File Piles configured for Photo Block may see double (Hot Fix available for these rogue sites)
  • Cannot save AJAX Enabled flag in Filter block (Hot Fix available)
  • Notes field cannot save data with "bad XML"
  • Import site does not write out correct Search Index (hot fix available)
  • SourceEmail is not used in Forms Editor
  • Apostrophe's confuse the Tags Picker
  • Empty Classifications cause workstation GPF
  • Saving of Classifications with propagation may display debugging message (hot fix available)
  • Wkst Preview limited to original 10 block limit, not AppVar
  • Non-versioned changes not always appearing correctly in PQL
  • Forms dialog with Telerik fails to save control (fixed in
  • Reload issues after create (fixed in
  • Titan Lite Documentation not hooked up (fixed in
  • Freeform content truncated if large under Firefox (fixed in
  • Full W64 support on install (fixed in
  • OS included on CSS class label (added in
  • Multi-file upload to disk displays false error message (fixed in

New Features

  • Fire off email notifications to authors/editors/webmasters
  • Merging of Smart Search and Organic Search Results (may require CSS changes)
  • Filter Block Enhancments
    • Provide option to support AJAX or submit button on display side results
    • Definition of classification subsets with pre-defined sort orders
    • Ability to "AND" attributes within a classification (default behavior is "OR")
  • Webmaster option to save, bypassing all workflow, retaining previous owner
  • Webmaster ability to change document owner
  • Editing of PageLayouts, CSS files, and XSLs from Admin Workstation (without downloading)
  • Ability to close/open the left tree to provide more real estate when editing
  • Template site creation

v4.3 Bug Fixes

  • File Picker not resetting to selected file on open
  • RefreshNav.aspx silently fails when called from workstation
  • File Picker's download button wrongly enabled for file pile images
  • Pre/Post metatags follow contained document, not container
  • Files with open workflow cannot be previewed
  • Inability to create data site (hot fix available)
  • Changing source of image in Telerik breaks properties and link
  • Cannot link an image in FCK
  • Block tree controls will deep-link to documents with -1 in the title or link parameter
  • User-level security stops working (symptom, not problem) Hotfix available
  • Classifications not being set for cloned users
  • Calendar Block: Server-side keyword filter is applied too late to reduce visible tag set
  • Block limit of 10 blocks is not overridden by AppControl variable
  • Tag, Property and Security editors don't reflect full document set when Adv Search "ALL" option is selected
  • In some circumstances, changing selection list in results tab (outside of PQL) is not retained after dialog event
  • Error message generated when a single keyword exceeds 255 chars [Note: silent truncation will now occur]
  • Workaround Mac issues with locale date for Calendar block
  • Label on Advanced Search's Select All not always resetting leading to confusing text (
  • Several non-freeform blocks fail in StaticContent page part (
New Features:
  • FCK Editor Option
  • Development enhancemets to support workstation customization for more complex installations
  • Workstation mods and display-side documentation to reduce display-side CSS bleed-through in the workstation
  • Upgraded calendar HTML (will break existing calendar displays on upgrade)
  • Working Template Display-side CSS
v4.2 Bug Fixes
  • Filter Block fails to sort by publication date (present since 4.1)
  • Changes to a block may cause it to bump down one place in the block list (hotfix available)
  • Notes do not save if they are the only non-versioned change to a document
  • Smart Search Wkst dialogs not formatting correctly (hotfix available)
  • Data sites that go from no direct rendering to direct rendering fail to render unless Page Layout is configured
  • Smart Search managed items created by typing an internal page link into the external link editor do not preview correctly within the workstation
  • Changes maded to linked properties (e.g., page title, short/long description) don't save in multi-edit mode without manually selecting change checkbox
  • Page share block will continue to show shared page after it is blocked
  • Changing the base browser font causes the form picker to not fit in its window
  • altRow didn't alt on 2-col layouts
New Features:
  • Advanced workstation search
  • Improved Classifications Picker
  • Zone Configuration in Titan Admin
  • Additional Background Module Tasks including file importer (released as 4.1.1), DocMgmt disk sweeper and DB sweeper
  • Display of file type image substituted for doc image
  • Global button links to on-line documentation
  • dtSearch indexing of metadata for image types
  • Small improvements to default error page and loging page look and feel
  • Data display pulls metadata from data item, not containing page
  • Make Kick/Kill available at the job view
  • Removal of legacy columns from NavigationVersion
  • Aggregation Block removed; Filter block is backwards compatible
  • Login now supports a login and change my password while you're at it
  • Barebones display-side upload block
v4.1 Bug Fixes
  • Images in alternate rows in TOC-ish blocks are not properly flagged for CSS.
  • Single event display fails if zone is not set to follow block
  • Calendar display fails in some multi-block scenarios
  • Bookmarks (anchor tags) do not save properly in the freeform editor
  • Calendar Raises error with two or more blocks on the page
  • Right click on Image Manager in Freeform does not show icon
  • "Destination Email" mispelled on form editor
  • Background Scheduler now logs with AppID for multi-instance servers
  • Custom URL truncated to 255 characters under some create scenarios
  • Changes to hidden flag not always saved
  • If no display nav caching, nav is retrieved multiple times/page
  • class="odd" not set correctly on TOC-ish blocks when images are displayed
  • New Global Parameters are truncated in length to 10 characters
  • New Block XSL files have no description
  • CSS usage picker in Admin workstation does not always prompt for save
  • Undo link available in freeform
  • Removing a security classification for one site removed all assignments on other sites
  • Move and Copy can fail if 0-step workflow is involved
  • Download button on file picker not always highlighting correctly on load
  • Telerik eats 14px fonts and converts them to 14pt--removed option
  • Single toolbar in FAQ editor causing problems
  • Test Harness screen prohibits scrolling
  • Reload of freeform editor in Events can fail under some circumstances
  • Background Scheduler fails with dependency error if database server is remote
  • Freeform is too big on legacy monitors--set OptimizeFor1024 AppVar to get smaller freeform
  • Transmitting large files to wkst times out
  • Application Block documentation missing
  • Form Editor email has wrong docID when page share blocked
  • Week highlighting error when first week of month is the on-load condition
  • Calendar date range pager not initially displaying if no results are found
  • Upload to display bin non functional
  • Direct font and color manipulation removed from Freeforms (re-enable, if required, by editing *ToolsFile.xml)
  • Inconsistent behavior in Admin workstation for CSS file editing.
  • Under some circumstances moved files lose their uniqueness.
  • Brower sometimes chews up WYSIWYG xHTML and converts to HTML causing errors
  • Sitemap does not display title
  • Sitemap shows all levels no matter the number selected
  • Dates under multi-edit do not auto-check the changed checkbox
  • Under some circumstances newly inserted blocks do not retain their sort order
  • Smart Search does not render correctly under 1024
  • Forms editor in Firefox loses required field setting (Firefox does not maintain case on attributes)
  • File Picker doesn't have enough room for file name


Release Date: 06-Aug-07

 Background Scheduler Module for importing files.

New Features:

  • Filter Block (advanced Aggregation Block with display support for filtering)
  • Freeform editor usage for Properties and Data entry screens
  • Report for submitted Form Block data
  • dtSearch Support
  • API for external authentication
  • Global Content and AppControl Content Page Parts
  • Calendar/Event display block
  • Background job scheduler with basic background jobs (e.g., search reindexing, backup, etc)
  • Admin workstation setup of background tasks (e.g., search indexes)

v4.0 Bug Fixes:

  • File upload fails in freeform if user is not webmaster. Workaround: Upload using workstation, not file picker
  • Filter areas for the filter block that do not follow the block's zone appear out of order on the display (hotfix available)
  • Paging for search is missing "Prev" button on last page; dtSearch results missing both buttons (hotfixes available)
  • Adding new form controls would sometimes generate an error under Mozilla
  • Files not inheriting all of container folder's tags (hotfix available)
  • Aggregation block filtering by keyword not working correction (hotfix available)
  • Display-side forms change/not answered detection not always correct for text areas (hotfix available)
  • Two-Col displays for TOC, Aggregation and Filter Block fail with even sized sets (hotfix available)
  • Style options not applying to Aggregation/Filter Block Alpha Grouping style (hotfix available)

Open Bugs:

  • Closing the freeform with an image or form control selected will GPF IE. Workaround: unslect the image or control before updating the block.


Release Date: 14-May-07

Most of v3 with Tag & Edit
Installation Document

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