V7 Notes


Under Consideration

New Features

TITAN-144: Ability to adjust column widths in Results sets

TITAN-125: Overhaul of workstation tree to better support large multi-globe instances.


Under Consideration

New Features

  • TITAN-258: Forms Editor - Provide ability to mark Checkbox field as required
  • TITAN-252: Form enhancements: Fieldsets and Legends
  • TITAN-251: Form enhancements: Error Messages & Group Checkboxes
  • TITAN-247: Make the form editor forms accessible
  • TITAN-241: Collapse All Blocks
  • TITAN-192: CmsUrlRewriting  improvement
  • TITAN-176: Need an easier / faster way to install aftermarket components. E.g. Social Media javascript. 
  • TITAN-182: Persona-driven Content 
  • TITAN-181: Log Filter Block text query to the Search Log Data Base
  • New Property: Default Alt Text
    • for all Content Items to use when linking
    • no way to propagate updates on edit
  • Domain Defaults Manager (Home pages, 404 pages, Error pages)
  • Forms Enhancements
    • Better label management
    • Accessibility improvements on error messages
    • improved layout control
    • Validation wizardry
    • TITAN-157: Move clear results button
    • TITAN-153: Nonce approach to form anti-SPAM
    • 3rd Party Form Mode
      • Option to capture data into Titan
  • Data Detail Breadcrumbs
  • TITAN-185: Change Form Block editor to allow data fields to be posted to remote URL
  • TITAN-148: Change Scheduled Jobs default date to current date
  • TITAN-142:  AJAX callback hook for running external javascript
  • TITAN-188: Encrypt secured data in app control .
  • Mktg Automation
    • Gated content - capture an email address before allowing a file download
  • TITAN-191: Autopopulate United States drop down options in Titan Forms
  • TITAN-190: Reduce noise in error logging of file upload disconnects
  • TITAN-189: Smart Search Keywords listing date range header enhancement
  • TITAN-193: Add Two New Data List Display Options
  • New tree (Google Drive-ish)
    • Ability to Right-click, Properties and use Content Picker to drag into other File Piles
  • Full removal of RuleRoles (create self / update self / create child / update child)
  • TITAN-198: Large Instance Support: Increase timeout

Known Issues

  • TITAN-197: CreateWkstDocument should not check Recycle Bin in determing unique link params
  • TITAN-248: Content Picker Display Security Change from v6.7 to v6.9 Preventing Linking
  • TITAN-245: Label with class of filterClose is visible on non-Reflex 6.9 themes
  • TITAN-257: CacheData GetOrAdd fails inserting new cache if non-nullable type

FED Assistance

  • TITAN-195: Improve default placeholder text behavior

Sandbox Development Opportunities

  • TITAN-179: Pretty print XML.
  • TITAN-158: Update social media share block to include Instagram and Pinterest
  • TITAN-143: Add comments in base code around page level snippets


On The Docket


Projected Release:

(to be determined)




  • New Tree
  • Domain Defaults
  • AJAX Hooks / Custom Preprocessors, JS, and CSS for Block XSLs / Component Installer integration
  • SVG Library and CKEditor integration
  • Keyword / Filters logging for Filter and Data List Blocks
  • Pagination Options
  • New or Refreshed Wkst UI

Ooh Boy... dreaming here

  • Azure One-Click  Install (Platform Service)

API Enhancements

  • NWS.registerModules
  • JS minification / CDN

Bug Fixes


After Market Component Updates

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