Improving the Developer API / Framework

  • Need standard support for External Auth modules
  • Need standard support for "Upload" blocks
  • Need standard support for Multi-state blocks
  • RegisterWebService and RegisterScriptInclude don't work from Non Block Editors
  • Installer needs to validate framework64 using NETFRAMEWORK40FULL
  • Audio support in base flowplayer implementation

Enhancement Ideas

  • Base A-to-Z Index
  • Login Block - Author-defined default page.
  • Tabbed Content Block (base Tabbed FAQ).
  • Tabbed display XSL for Segmented Search (Tab name is Segment link)
  • Friendly URL Alias Manager
  • Need a way to mange a site's Print Page (unique layouts for each site)

Improving Wkst Productivity

  • Paginate Version History results
  • Paginate FilePicker so Single Select Mode adheres to BrowseLimit

Items to Research

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